At first glance, Ashley J exudes a vivacious and seductive youthful energy that’s wrapped in her free-flowing blonde locks, natural good looks and voluptuous body frame. However, beneath her eye-pleasing visual facade, she has a fascinatingly diverse background, artistically and musically and packs a wallop of a voice that fuses an infectious blend of vocal dexterity, moods and range. She tempers her vocal prowess with poignant lyrics and a kindred soul as an emerging songwriter/singer. And it’s all aptly and full exposed on her new pop single, “Trapped.”

A native of Orlando, Florida, Ashley J self-penned “Trapped,” and on a chance meeting   convinced legendary songwriter/producer and multi-platinum Grammy and Emmy winning, Narada Michael Walden to produce her steamy single. The song was recorded at his famed Tarpan Studio complex in San Rafael, CA.  Laced with mid-tempo snaps, shadowy synths and soft whispers; “Trapped” highlights a deep infatuation with a new partner. Ashley’s sultry pipes gradually build a gravitating tension throughout the song, until it hits the exciting and uncontrollable bridge which reveals her scintillating and broad vocal range. “Trapped” will be releasing independently on May 19 2017 through Ashley J’s own production company imprint, Bombshell Music, Inc.

Walden, who has produced a slew of hit records for vocal superstar Diva’s like Aretha Franklin, Diana the late Whitney Houston, among others, gives the burgeoning songstress a five-star rating,

“Ashley J is a real American sweetheart with a big voice and lots of energy!  She has soul and her beautiful smile lights up the room,” he noted.

In fact, it has been Ashley J’s devotion to songwriting that has jettisoned and fueled the embryonic stages of her artistic career so far. As a precocious little girl, she started writing songs on her bathroom walls, much to the chagrin of her parents, who were constantly forced to repaint her lyrical scribbles. However, she proved it wasn’t just a childhood dalliance, and over the past several years she has built a catalog of over 100 songs. She’s looking to feature several more original songs on an EP project for release later this year.

“I love a lot of different styles of music,” says Ashley J, “but contemporary pop is the best genre fit for me, and I feel it allows me to have free range as a songwriter/singer.”

Last year she eased her way into the contemporary pop scene, with her debut video supported single release, “Dare Ya,” which helped to galvanize a burgeoning fan base and signaled her commitment to making pop her signature genre.

While Ashley was busy cutting her teeth as a songwriter/performer, she also managed to earn a BA degree in Business Law from University of North Texas (2015).

While initially attending University of Tulsa, she also had a brief foray in writing and recording a couple of country music tracks in Nashville. She later traveled to Los Angeles, where she wrote and recorded a couple of solo dance songs “One and One” (charted in Billboard’s Top 20 Dance Chart) and “Cali” (which reached the Top 10 on the same chart).

Ashley J grew up listening to wide range of musical genres and pop greats like Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera and Michael Jackson, to legendary country stars Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton (who she cites as her all time musical hero). She attended the Dr. Phillips High School of Performing Arts in Orlando and showcased her innate singing and dancing talents performing lead roles in the schools theatre and musical productions – and was also active in her church choir and theatre productions.

Ashley J is ready to write a new chapter in her musical journey. She’s come a long way from those bathroom wall scribbles, and primed to become a revered figure in the world of pop music.